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When looking for a tax resolution company for tax debt relief, you should look at their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating first. This is not the only factor to consider, but it is a very important one. You can narrow your options by eliminating the tax resolution companies with BBB ratings of C or lower. This page will explain what the Better Business Bureau is and how it can help you locate a reputable tax resolution firm.

What Is the BBB?

Founded in 1912, the BBB was founded to promote a fair and effective marketplace where each party, consumers and merchandisers, could trust the other. In recent years, the BBB has acted more as a whistleblower on fraudulent business practitioners by grading local and national businesses in America on a scale of A through F as of 2009.

Using the grading scale of the BBB will help you determine which tax resolution company you can trust. The BBB also provides an explanation of its grade, as well as the number of complaints the tax resolution business has received in recent years.

How the BBB Determines a Business' Grade

The BBB gathers information regarding business reliability, deceptive consumers and businesses, and acts as an intermediary between both parties to resolve disputes. The core services the BBB provides are:

  • Business Reliability Reports
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Complaints and Dispute Resolution
  • Truth-in-Advertising
  • Consumer and Business Education
  • Wise Giving Charity Reports
  • Charity Accountability and Effectiveness Education

To become an accredited business of the BBB, the tax resolution company has to demonstrate through its practices sound advertising, selling, and customer service strategy that enhances the customer's confidence in the business.

In recent years, many tax resolution companies have not been truthful in advertising their tax debt services, resulting in numerous BBB complaints and investigations. The BBB records all consumer complaints and logs them on the tax resolution company's profile page. The BBB also categorizes the complaints so that consumers can see what other consumers file against the tax resolution firm the most.

How to Become an Accrediated Business

There are eight principles that the BBB uses to summarize important elements of creating and maintaining trust. All tax resolution companies vying for BBB accreditation must adhere to each one.

  1. Build Trust
  2. The tax resolution business has been operational for at least 12 months in a BBB service area, be free from government action, stay above a B rating at its accrediting BBB, and honor settlements, agreements or decisions reached as an outcome of a BBB dispute resolution process.

  3. Advertise Honestly
  4. The tax resolution company must adhere to the BBB Code of Advertising and supplies substantiation for advertising and selling claims upon request.

  5. Tell the Truth
  6. The tax resolution company will honestly represent its products and services, and makes all materials available, clear, accurate and complete.

  7. Be Transparent
  8. The tax resolution business is required to clearly disclose the terms of contract, guarantees and warranties, restrictions and limitations, refund policy and total cost of the transaction to its customers.

  9. Honor Promises
  10. The tax resolution firm will abide by written agreements and verbal representations.

  11. Be Responsive
  12. The tax resolution firm promises to address marketplace disruptions promptly and professionally, while it cooperates with the BBB to eliminate the underlying patterns of customer complaints.

  13. Safeguard Privacy
  14. The tax resolution business agrees to protect any data collected against mishandling and fraud, collect personal information only as needed, and respect the preferences of customers regarding the use of their information.

  15. Embody Integrity
  16. The tax resolution business has to approach all dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity, and avoids involvement in activities that reflect unfavorably on the public image of the BBB.

Once the company displays these qualities, it is able to apply for a BBB membership and promote its accreditation on advertisements including print, broadcast, billboards, telephone, radio, and internet.

We are proud to have only BBB accredited tax resolution companies in our network ready to help taxpayers struggling with IRS tax debt. Our tax resolution professionals are equipped to settle any IRS issue from simple individual troubles, to complex business issues. Call us today or fill out the form to receive expert tax resolution advice and a plan-of-action for settling your IRS debt in an acceptable amount of time and getting an affordable tax resolution.

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