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IRS Audit NoticeIRS Audit Notice: An IRS Audit can strike without warning. After you file your taxes, you may think you are in the clear because you don't have a tax bill, but suddenly an IRS audit Notice arrives in your mailbox. First, read the Notice carefully. Then call the IRS within 30 days to let them know you have received the notice. Don't ignore the notice! That is the worst thing you could do. You may need to seek professional help or you may find that you can handle it yourself. Whatever you decide to do, these IRS Audit tips will be useful for you.

IRS Audit Help - Tip # 1: Gather All Necessary Documents

Use the Notice to help determine what IRS Audit papers you need when you meet with the IRS. You must provide accurate documentation to prove the deductions you claimed, and income you earned on your tax return. These documents commonly include:

  • W-2 or 1099 documents
  • Sales receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Invoices
  • Books
  • Student loan payments

IRS Audit Help - Tip # 2: Stay Organized

To make things as easy as possible the Auditor and yourself, you should keep your documents properly organized and stored so at a moment's notice you are able to quickly locate and submit them at the auditor's request. The best IRS Audit results come to the people who are the most organized.

IRS Audit Help - Tip # 3: Keep Calm

Relax. Try not to be too nervous. You do not want your auditor to become suspicious of past tax years for no reason. Here are some common mistakes people make during their IRS Audit:

  • Exaggerate or lie about earnings or filings: In the end you will always be asked to provide proof.
  • Give too much information: Answer the questions the auditor asks but do not provide any additional information unless it is requested.
  • Being afraid of your auditor: There can be aggressive auditors and they can make your IRS audit even more stressful, but you have rights in an IRS Audit and you should know them. Speak with a Tax Attorney or Enrolled Agent if you are dealing with an aggressive auditor.

IRS Audit Help - Tip # 4: Know the Triggers

You should know which employment fields have a high IRS Audit risk. This way if you are employed in one of these fields, you know to keep all pay stubs and employment papers. The IRS has specific things they look out for when they believe someone is abusing the system. We've broken down the most common red flags.

  • Employment where tips are involved: Food Service Industry, Salon and Spa Employees (including nail, hair, and beauty spas), Hospitality Industry (including casino dealers, housekeeping, and other hotel personnel).
  • Questionable Deductions: This refers to unusually large deductions or repeated deductions that are out of character from your income-reporting pattern.
  • Charitable Deductions: Excess or unusually large charitable donations are very noticeable. If your donations and/or charitable deductions are legitimate, be sure to have the receipts and appropriate documentation (including letters detailing your donations) to prove it.
  • Medical Deductions: Be sure you know the difference between what can and cannot be deducted.
  • Business Deductions: The IRS reviews business tax returns more closely than personal returns to make sure owners aren't claiming personal expenses as business expenses. For example, you're free to claim such "ordinary" and "necessary" expenses as office supplies and computer software, but steer clear of fancy cars and exotic vacations. Learn more on our IRS Small Business Issues page

The best IRS Audit Tip is to speak to a tax professional as soon as you receive an IRS Audit Notice because handling an IRS Audit from start to finish is deceptively difficult. A tax professional may give you options you didn't know you had, or may relieve the stress of dealing with an auditor. Ultimately, the success rates for audits are higher with a tax debt professional on your side providing IRS Audit Help.

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