Understanding Your CP-11 Letter: Can You Dispute the Tax Amount?

CP-11: What to Do If You Receive a Notice From the IRS

CP-11 IRS Notice

A CP-11 Notice informs taxpayers of a balance due. The letter notifies you thatthe IRS made one or more alterations to your tax return, which resulted in a back tax debt. The CP-11 will list the modifications in detail and include a formal petition for full repayment on the IRS tax debt. Below, we'll discuss the actions you should take if you receive a CP-11 IRS Letter and what to do if you have a legitimate claim that you do not owe the amount the IRS claims.

What Should I Do When I Get IRS Notice CP-11?

The IRS requests that you pay the back tax amount stated on the CP-11 immediately and preferably in full. The CP-11 notice includes an envelope for you to do so, but if you'd rather not deal with the IRS yourself, it is recommended you speak with a seasoned tax debt professional who may settle your tax debt for less. Whatever option you select, you have 60 days from the date you receive the CP-11 to dispute the changes made to your tax return that has caused the tax debt. After the 60-day period, you waive any chance to dispute and will be required to pay the full amount on the CP-11 Letter.

But I Do Not Understand Why I Owe It may seem surprising to get a CP-11 Notice, but you or your tax preparer may have made a mistake the IRS had to correct, resulting in an IRS debt. If you determine the amount on your CP-11 letter is not correct, you may be able to have the CP-11 debt reduced or removed entirely. Once you dispute the CP-11 back tax amount, the debt will be reversed. However, if the IRS finds that the debt was in fact accurate, you will be faced with an IRS audit, and the tax debt will stand. So if you feel that you do not CP-11 Notice in the mail. If you have no way to pay the IRS in full, you should contact a tax debt professional to discuss a payment arrangement. A Tax Debt Resolution Service can help get you into an IRS payment plan or hardship status (Currently Not Collectible) to prevent IRS collections. It could be well worth your effort to discuss your CP-11 Letter with a tax debt professional because you may end up saving yourself a lot of money!

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