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When you have problems with the IRS you may need to find some expert tax help. Finding someone to actually help resolve your problems with the IRS is getting harder and harder to find. We will discuss some of the things to consider when choosing a tax resolution company to help with your problems with the IRS.

  • Retainer fees: Retainer fees should throw up a red flag for you. Getting involved with a company that has charged you a retainer fee is not always the best option. This type of practice is not necessary when dealing with problems with the IRS. If the company has been helping people solve problems with the IRS for a while, they know how long it is going to take on your case and should be able to tell you the total fee upfront. Some industries work well with retainer fees, but helping people solve the problems with the IRS does not have to be one of them. Remember that when you contract with someone that has a retainer fee, the costs can always go up midway through your tax resolution.
  • Free consultation: A company that wants more than just your money should offer you a free over the phone consultation regarding the problems with the IRS that you have. All situations that have led you to have problems with the IRS are unique in their own way. You need to speak with a tax professional about it. The only way to have a better understanding what you are going to be able to do with the problems with the IRS that you are having is to speak with someone about it. Just keep in mind that when you call you will need to speak with someone for a few minutes before they can transfer you to someone who specializes a little more in the type of problems with the IRS that you are having.
  • Years in the Biz: This is one of those things that you may or may not consider when trying to get help involving the problems with the IRS you are having. By going with a company that is a bit older, even though some of the newer companies suggest they can help with the problems with the IRS you are having and may be less expensive or more flashy, is to avoid a fly by night type of company. These types of companies set up every year and try to prey on the people's sorrow regarding the problems with the IRS they are having. Some of them will just take your money and then never do anything with your case.
  • Staff: You want the company that you choose to have a qualified staff to resolve the problems with the IRS you are having. A good company should have tax attorneys and enrolled agents on staff to help with your problems with the IRS fast and more effectively.
  • Better Business Bureau Rating: When trying to find someone who will help resolve the problems with the IRS that you are having, you may want to consider their BBB rating. You really should only consider doing business with a company that has an A-rating or higher when offering the service of resolution to problems with the IRS.

A little bit about who will be helping with your problems with the IRS: Been in business for 10 years or more helping people with their problems with the IRS, have an A-rating or better with the BBB, have enrolled agents and tax attorneys on staff full time, have no retainer fees and offer a free over-the-phone consultation. Get the problems with the IRS you are having resolved fast, fill out the form or call the number to speak with someone now!

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