IRS Payment Plan: Avoid a Lump Sum Payment on Your Back Taxes

IRS Payment Plan: Monthly Payments on Your IRS Debt

IRS Payment Plan - Monthly Payments
An IRS payment plan can be a lifesaver for those who owe back taxes. With it, you have the option of paying off your IRS tax debt in affordable monthly payments rather than one lump sum. More commonly accepted than the Offer in Compromise, an IRS payment plan is the easiest type of payment arrangement you can get from the IRS.

IRS Payment Plan: How It Works

To request an IRS payment plan, download and submit Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request, from the official IRS website. You may also set one up online at their Online Payment Agreement page.

When applying for an IRS payment plan, you may request either a short-term extension or a monthly payment plan.

Short-Term Extension

  • Allows a maximum of 120 days to pay off your entire debt
  • A late-payment penalty will apply for each month your entire debt isn't paid off
  • Interest will apply for each month your entire debt isn't paid off

Monthly Payment Plan

  • Allows up to the end of the Statute of Limitations to pay off your entire debt
  • The late-payment penalty is cut in half for any month your payment plan is in effect, if your tax return was filed on time
  • Interest will apply for each month your entire debt isn't paid off

The monthly payment plan is also known as an IRS installment agreement. Under this IRS payment plan, your IRS tax debt is treated just like any other monthly expense. Just as you would pay off your car or credit card bills month by month, your back taxes would be paid off month by month.

If your IRS payment plan request is approved for the monthly payment plan, a user fee of $105 is applied. The fee is reduced to $52 if you agree to make your payments electronically. The fee is further reduced to $43 for eligible low-income and moderate-income applicants who request this reduction with Form 13844, Application for Reduced User Fee for Installment Agreements.

IRS Payment Plan: Why You Need One

  • Avoid a lump sum payment. With an IRS payment plan, your tax debt is paid off in affordable monthly payments.
  • IRS Collections efforts stop. No liens, levies, or garnishments will be in effect while you are in your IRS payment plan and are on-time with your payments.
  • Easy payments. Your payments on your IRS tax debt may be made through electronic funds withdrawal (also known as Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or EFTPS), via credit card, or through a mailed check made out to "United States Treasury."

An IRS payment plan is often the best option for those who owe back taxes. The IRS is more likely to approve a payment plan than a tax debt settlement. According to the National Taxpayer Advocate's 2010 Annual Report to Congress, 3 million IRS installment agreements were granted in 2010, compared to 13,886 Offers in Compromise.

If you need help with your IRS payment plan application, call the toll-free number above to speak with a tax debt resolution specialist. Every company in our network holds a B rating or higher with the Better Business Bureau, and each of them also has tax attorneys and enrolled agents in-house to get you the best monthly payment plan for your situation. Put an end to your IRS tax debt. Call now or fill out the form below for an IRS payment plan!

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