Forms for Taxes: What Schedules Should You Fill Out?

Forms for Taxes You Should Be Using

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Most people understand how to fill out 1040 forms for taxes, but understanding all of the schedules used is another matter. Your IRS returns may be inaccurate and even costing you a great deal of money, if you aren't taking advantage of the schedule forms for taxes. This page will give you a brief idea of what each schedule is used for and how to fill each one out.

Schedule A Forms for Taxes

Schedule A forms for taxes are used to itemize your deductions. In some cases, the standard deduction allowed to you may be a better deal than what you would get by itemizing your deductions. It is still a good idea to fill out Schedule A forms for taxes to make sure that you choose the deduction that benefits you more. Fill out Schedule A forms for taxes with the following information.

  • Medical and Dental expenses
  • State, local, real estate, personal property, and other taxes you paid
  • Interest you paid on mortgages and investments
  • Charitable contributions (cash or the cash value)
  • Casualty and theft losses (attach Form 4684 for this)
  • Job Expenses (such as union dues, travel, and continuing education)

There is also an area of Schedule A forms for taxes that allows you to list less common, miscellaneous deductions. If you feel that this applies to you, check with the IRS website or call their customer service line to make certain.

Schedule M Forms for Taxes

Use Schedule M forms for taxes, if you want to use the "Making Work Pay Credit." You will not be able to use this credit if you made $95,000 or more. If you are married, the maximum income is $190,000. You also cannot use it if you are not a citizen or can be claimed as a dependent.

Schedule B Forms for Taxes

Schedule B forms for taxes are intended to document interest and ordinary dividends. If you fit any of the scenarios listed in detail on Schedule B forms for taxes, you need to fill this out. Have a list of all your payers and their amounts ready to fill this out. If you have anything to do with foreign accounts and trusts, have that information ready as well.

Schedule D Forms for Taxes

Schedule D forms for taxes are used to report capital gains and losses. Subtract your selling fees and commissions, buying fees and commissions, and purchase price from your selling price. If the result is positive, you have a profit that you will be taxed on. If it is negative, it is a loss.

Business Schedule Forms for Taxes for Individuals

Schedule C forms for taxes are intended for sole proprietors. If you are not a sole proprietor, you do not need to worry about filling these out. Otherwise, you must fill out Schedule C forms for taxes to report your profits and losses. If you have any other kind of business, you do not use a Form 1040 to report business income. Other tax return forms for taxes are used for business taxes.

Schedule SE forms for taxes are used to calculate self-employment taxes. These forms actually provide a spreadsheet to help you decide if you need to fill out the form. Have all of your profit and loss information ready to fill out these forms for taxes.

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