IRS Help for Reducing and Removing Back Taxes

Expert IRS Help: How Do You Know if You Need It?

IRS Help for Back TaxesIRS Help can potentially reduce or completely remove what you owe in back taxes. Though, in some instances, you may not actually need Professional IRS Help from a tax debt professional. You can easily handle your tax issues without professional tax debt assistance, especially if you owe the IRS $5,000 or less. Smaller tax debt amounts like these can be easier and less expensive to handle on your own without Professional IRS Tax Help.

However, if you owe tens of thousands of dollars, the tax situation becomes much more complicated and confusing, and you may want to hire IRS help for your tax debt issues than try and resolve them yourself. This article will help you determine if you need professional IRS Help for your unique tax problem.

You DO Need IRS Help with Your Back Taxes if...

You Have $5,000 or More in Tax Debt

Smaller IRS tax debts, are relatively simple to resolve. Depending on the amount you owe, you may be able to pay it off in full without any IRS help at all. That is always the best choice. If you cannot pay the tax debt in full, you will need to complete IRS forms to apply for a monthly payment amount. Since the tax debt is small, the IRS is likely to accept smaller payments. Because of this simple and easy process with small tax debt, expert IRS Help isn't that beneficial.

Yet the process isn't so simple when you have $5,000 or more in tax debt. This is where IRS Help for your back taxes may be needed because the IRS will begin to look closer at what you are able to afford, sometimes demanding larger payments than what you can provide monthly. Also, the larger the tax debt, the more of a target you become for IRS collection actions such as tax liens, bank levies and/or a wage garnishment. At that point, Certified IRS Help may be the only ones who can resolve your issues by negotiating a fair payment plan with the IRS and getting any lien or levy lifted.

You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

When considering IRS Help for your tax debt, the tax debt amount is only one factor. You should also consider if you have multiple years of unfiled tax returns. The IRS could file these tax returns for you in their favor, leaving you with tax debt from multiple years, gaining penalties and interest. Professional IRS help could help you file Amended Returns and possibly abate some or all of the penalties on the debt.

You Have Small-Business Debt

IRS Help is greatly needed if you have small-business debt. The IRS takes payroll tax debt very seriously. It often comes after small-business owners faster and more aggressively than individuals with personal tax debt. The IRS can place a tax levy on your business bank accounts, personal accounts, and personal assets. The IRS can also place an IRS lien on your business and make it difficult to take out a loan or expand your business. In some cases of large business debt, the IRS has the right to liquidate the business itself and take the money from the liquidation to pay off your business debt. In this situation, Professional IRS Help is the best possible choice for you to combat the IRS and resolve your unpaid payroll taxes.

The ultimate decider is what an IRS Help company can accomplish for you and your tax issue. When contemplating whether you need the assistance of an IRS help company, ask yourself this:

  1. Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cost?
  2. Any IRS Help you receive will be expensive, but there is the potential to save thousands of dollars. If you are underwater financially on basic necessities because of a wage garnishment, you may need an IRS Help company to lift the garnishment. Using your last line of credit (i.e. credit cards, borrowing from friends or family, or taking out a loan) to hire an IRS help firm may not seem practical in the short-term but could leave you tax debt free in the long-term.
  3. Can You Feasibly Complete the Process Yourself?
  4. All the necessary tax forms are on the IRS website, so you are able to seek a resolution on your own. However, all forms and applications have to be completed precisely and submitted promptly. There are exceptions, limitations, and loopholes that can potentially help your case or have your application denied. The larger the tax problem, the more paperwork involved, which can make the whole process even more tedious and confusing. At that point you may want to consider IRS help. Remember you can resolve your tax issue yourself, just like you can represent yourself in a court of law. Will you get the best possible outcome? Probably not.

The IRS recommends people who are suffering from tax debt problems to get IRS help from tax professionals. Yet, many tax debt companies have been investigated by their state's Attorneys General because of fraudulent business practices. If you have a tax debt issue and are unsure if you need IRS Help, fill out the form below or call toll-free today for a free, no-obligation consultation to see what can be done for you and your tax situation. You can also visit How to Find the Right Tax Debt Relief Company for back taxes IRS Help.

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