IRS Collections & IRS Appeal Steps: Resolve IRS Debt- Settle IRS Taxes

Stop IRS Collections. Use our IRS Appeal Steps to Resolve IRS Debt or Settle IRS Taxes

IRS Collections: You may already know you have the right to a hearing if the IRS wrongfully starts the IRS Collections process against you. This is called the Collection Due Process. But there is another less stressful option to consider when you want to remove IRS Collections and Resolve IRS Debt. The IRS calls it the Collection Appeals Program. If you feel the IRS acted in a way that's unfair, you have the right to Appeal. If that doesn't work, you can attempt to Settle IRS Taxes.

When can you use the IRS Appeal Steps? You can Appeal and Resolve IRS Debt if you have received any of the following notices:

Notice of Federal Tax Lien

Notice of Levy

Notice of Seizure

Denial or Termination of Installment Agreement

Tip: You can also use the Collections Appeal Program to Resolve IRS Debt if the IRS rejects your proposed Installment Agreement plan. You can even Appeal if your Installment Agreement plan was terminated because you missed payments. Just make sure you have reasonable cause for missing the payments! in order to Resolve IRS Debt. Regular excuses are not going to cut it to stop the IRS Collections process! Remember, you can use a payment plan to Settle IRS Taxes if your appeal fails.

4 Steps for the Collection Appeals Program: Here's what you'll need to do to stop IRS Collections and Resolve IRS Debt.

IRS Appeal Steps 1 Call the phone number on your IRS Collections Notice

IRS Appeal Steps 2 Discus your case with a IRS Collections Manager

IRS Appeal Steps 3 Provide them with your objections and who you want to resolve the case

IRS Appeal Steps 4 Complete Form 9432 "IRS Collections Appeal Request"

Remember, you have two days from the day you talked with the IRS Collections Manager to submit your form, so act fast if you want to Resolve IRS Debt!

Buying Time: Normally, the IRS will stop the IRS Collections action until you Settle IRS Taxes This may buy you time to find a payment solution or find a tax professional to help you solve your debt problems.

Alternate Payment Solution: Settle IRS Taxes If the IRS Appeal steps fail to help you Resolve IRS Debt, you can Settle IRS Taxes with an Offer in Compromise. In order to Settle IRS Taxes you must display hardship need for the settlement. It will be your responsibility to prove you cannot pay the IRS if you want to Settle IRS Taxes with an Offer in Compromise. Most people will not qualify for to Settle IRS Taxes.

The Catch: There's always a catch. If you don't agree with the Collection Due Process you are sacrificing your right to go to court. So you should not try this program unless you are sure you have a good case and are determined to win. Remember, if you cannot Resolve IRS Debt with IRS Appeal steps, you can try to Settle IRS Taxes with another payment plan.

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